(Klimat Master can turn your aging pool into a brand new pool!)

Klimat Master Pools has the experience and expertise to update your “mature pool”. The plaster on your gunite swimming pool/spa may required attention after 10-15 years. Your swimming pool/spa may need a cosmetic face lift to help enhance your backyard environment.

Interior Finishes, tile replacement, plumbing, and equipment upgrades are but a few of our favorite procedures. The latest in swimming pool technology can make operating your pool and equipment easier, while also saving your money. New LED lighting can make your pool light up the yard and put on a show. You can even have the ability to control temperature, lighting, water features, and many more features all from the touch of your phone from anywhere in the world with our integrated control systems!

INTERIOR FINISHES: Our crews will prepare your pool walls and floor to accept a new white or colored (Diamondbrite) finish to your pool interior. Our in house crew can finish your pool with a number of different colored finishes to make your pool brand new!

TILE REPLACEMENT: Our crews will remove the existing tile and prepare the pool walls to accept a new row of swimming pool tile. With our wide selection of tiles available, your custom pool will truly be one of a kind!

PLUMBING: Our crews can replace skimmers, return fittings and plumbing lines to ensure your swimming pool has the proper hydraulics.

EQUIPMENT UPGRADES: Filters, pumps, heaters, computers, and pool lights can be upgraded to guarantee the swimming pool runs at a high efficiency and a lower electrical cost. New “state of the art” equipment can be installed making your swimming pool eco-friendly and “GREEN," and save you money!